Enter or Edit Basic Company Information

Completing your company information in Duoplane can improve ease of use when utilizing Duoplane. This is where you would confirm your preferred currency, time zone, return addresses, and more. 

In this article you will learn where to access company information page and the optional fields you can fill out.

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Enter or edit basic company information

You can access the Company Information page by clicking the settings tab on the left hand side of the screen. It will be the first page you are directed to.

  1. While logged into your Duoplane Retailer account, go to Settings > Company Information
  2. Enter information for the required fields Business name and Time zone
  3. See below for additional, optional fields to edit or update




Business name Your company name as it appears in Duoplane
Website URL Your company's web address
Time zone The default time zone new users will see in Duoplane
Currency The currency your shop utilizes.
Default lead-time days

This specifies the default days that a vendor will have to ship an item

This can be overridden at the vendor level

Default shipping carrier

The default carrier specified on new shipments if a carrier is not specified by the vendor

This can be overridden at the vendor level

Default vendor

This is the vendor that Duoplane will assign products to if the product does not have a vendor assigned

All other things being equal, this is the vendor that an order will route to if there are multiple suppliers on an order

Main address The address of your company
Return address The default return address for orders, if different from main address
Upload company logo

Default company logo

This can be overridden on a store by store basis

Company nickname

If you manage multiple companies in Duoplane, you can set a nickname that will appear in the top menu bar as your company name

Please note that this name appears for all users.


Add a company logo

This is the logo that will be displayed on PDF purchase orders and packing slips. The company logo can be changed on a store by store basis if using multiple ecommerce platforms. 

The recommended image size is 600 x 180 pixels and uploaded images of different dimensions will be automatically resized to scale to fit these constraints. 

Note: Make sure your logo looks readable in grayscale. Logos which have many dark colors may appear all-black or difficult to read from a B&W printer, possibly causing readability issues for vendors receiving POs and packing slips.

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