Migrate a BigCommerce Legacy API Connection to a Store API Connection

BigCommerce deprecated support for Legacy API accounts in July 2018. While your Duoplane-to-BigCommerce integration will continue to work with the an existing Legacy API account, we are asking all of our legacy BigCommerce clients to migrate to use a Store API connection instead. The Store API connection will allow us to take advantage of BigCommerce API enhancements.

Create a BigCommerce API user

The first step is to create a new BigCommerce Store API user. To do that, please see this page:


The type of API account that you will create is a "V2/V3 API token".

When creating the API Account, you will be asked to specify Oauth Scopes. Oauth Scopes are the resources that Duoplane will have permission to read or modify. Please set the Oauth Scopes as follows:

  • Customers = read-only
  • Information & Settings = read-only
  • Orders = modify
  • Order Transactions = modify
  • Products = modify

The remaining scopes can be left as "none".

After you save the new API user, please be sure to store the credentials that are presented to you by BigCommerce. You will need to enter them into Duoplane in the next step.

Modify the API settings in Duoplane

  1. Login to your Duoplane account
  2. Go to Settings > Ecommerce Stores
  3. Click the name of your BigCommerce store.
  4. In the API access section of your store settings, update the following fields:
    • API Version: Set this to "Store API Account (Ouath)".
    • API login (API path): The API path that was provided by BigCommerce when you set up the API user. It should look something like "stores/abcd1234".
    • API password (Access token): The Access Token for the BigCommerce API user that was created earlier.
  5. Save the settings.

Confirm that the new API connection was successful

  1. In Duoplane, go to Settings > Ecommerce Stores
  2. Click the name of your BigCommerce store.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click "Test API connection".
  5. Confirm that the message indicates that the connection was successful.

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