Modify Inventory or Shipment Feed Files After FTP Import

Users have the ability to rename, move, or remove a file after it has been imported from an FTP folder to Duoplane. This can be handy if your vendor, supplier, or warehouse partner uploads a similar file with an update or if you want to keep an archive folder in the FTP site to reference any past imports.

In this article you will learn how to rename, move, or remove an inventory feed or shipment feed after it has been imported via FTP.

Enable modification to FTP feed files

  1. In your Duoplane Retailer account, navigate to Vendors > Vendor Directory
  2. Select the vendor you wish to edit and select Details
  3. Navigate to the Shipment feed or Inventory feed section, depending on which you wish to modify, and click Edit
  4. Go to the Remote file access section and ensure Protocol is set to FTP
  5. Once FTP is enabled you will see a setting to Rename file after download; toggle this to Yes
  6.  Once this setting is enabled, a Liquid template will appear that allows various automations

Automatically rename feed files

To rename the file, you can put in quotes anything you'd like to add to the file's name in whatever place you'd like it added. For example if you'd like to add the words "Shipping_Feed" to the end of the file name you can write this at the end of the name in the template.



Automatically move feed files

To move the file to a different folder upon import, add "foldername/" to the beginning of the filename in the Liquid template. For example to send it to a folder named "archive", you can simply input "archive/" in front of the file. Please note this folder cannot be created by Duoplane, it must already exist in the FTP server directory as a subfolder of that which had the original file.


Automatically delete feed files after import is complete

To delete the file after Duoplane has finished importing and reading, check the Delete remote file after reading it box.


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