Associate a Store Vendor with a Duoplane Vendor

There are times that you may wish to override the default way that Duoplane determines vendor assignments and routes orders to suppliers. A few examples of these may be:

  • You want all orders that come into Duoplane to be routed to a specific vendor, like a single 3PL that is fulfilling all of your orders.
  • You have multiple values that you use in your ecommerce platform vendor field - like a brand name - that you would like to all route to a single vendor in Duoplane.

It is quick and easy to get this setup in Duoplane. To start, click on the Vendors tab on the left hand side of the Duoplane portal, search for your vendor, and click on their name to go to their account settings page. Once you are on their account settings page you can scroll down to the "Link to ecommerce stores" section and click "Add association".

You can see that this vendor already has several associations setup. Here you can also remove existing associations.


Setup all orders to route to one vendor

To configure all orders from Shopify to go to one vendor (like a 3PL or a warehouse) you just need to add an asterisk (*) to the name of the Shopify vendor and also click the "Advanced options" dropdown and specify that the wildcard character will be an asterisk.


Setup specific vendors or brands in Shopify to route to one vendor

If you want to route multiple vendors or brands to a specific vendor in Duoplane, you just need to enter the brand name as it appears in Shopify and hit Save. To add additional brand routing you simply repeat the process.Snip20190515_32.png




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