Configure Inventory Buffers

You may wish to set an inventory buffer to ensure that you do not run out of stock for a certain product. You can use Duoplane to set an inventory buffer on a per item or per store basis.

Setting an inventory buffer on a per store basis

You will want to navigate to Settings --> Ecommerce stores, then click on the Ecommerce store name that you would like to add the inventory buffer to. Once you are in the store's settings you can scroll down to Products and inventory and add the inventory buffer.



Setting an inventory buffer on a per item basis

To set the inventory buffer for a specific item you can go to Products and Inventory, locate and click on the product you would like to set the buffer for, then scroll down and set the inventory buffer in the inventory sync section.



An important thing to keep in mind as you are setting buffer is that the buffers are cumulative. For example, the buffers set above are 10 for the store and 3 for the item. This means that the cumulative buffer for that item is 13.

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