Associate a Duoplane Vendor with a Brand in Your Ecommerce Channel

Many ecommerce channels have a field in each product's record where you can specify the name of the vendor or manufacturer. If available, Duoplane can use the value of that field to automatically create vendor records and associate the product with the correct supplier.

There may be cases, however, where the "vendor" in the ecommerce channel does not match the Duoplane vendor one-for-one. (See this article for a definition of how the term "vendor" is used in Duoplane.) Most commonly, you might use the field in the ecommerce channel to hold the name of the product's brand, which might be different than the actual supplier.

If that is the case, then you can tell Duoplane to map "Brand A" to "Vendor X", so that any "Brand A" product that is imported from your ecommerce channel is automatically assigned to "Vendor X".

How to create an association

  1. If the vendor does not already exist in Duoplane, create a new vendor. If the vendor does already exist, search for that vendor's record.
  2. In the vendor record - in the section called Link to ecommerce stores - click the Add association button.
  3. Enter the name of the brand as it appears in your ecommerce channel in the channel's vendor / brand / supplier field. In this example, you would enter "Brand A".
  4. Save the association.

How to remove an association

  1. Search for the vendor's record in Duoplane.
  2. In the section called Link to ecommerce stores, click the Remove button next to name of the brand you want to dis-associate from this vendor.

How to correct an incorrect association

If a new vendor was automatically created in Duoplane when it instead should have been associated with an existing vendor, you can easily correct this. For example, if you wanted "Brand A" to be associated with "Vendor X", but you did not set it up before the product was created in your channel, Duoplane would have automatically created a vendor called "Brand A". You can take the following steps to correct this

  1. Search for the vendor record of Brand A in Duoplane.
  2. In the section called Link to ecommerce stores, click the Remove button next to "Brand A" in order to remove association.
  3. Search for the vendor record for Vendor X in Duoplane.
  4. Follow the instruction for "How to create an association" in order to associate the channel's "Brand A" with Duoplane's "Vendor X" vendor.
  5. Re-import the product(s) that had been previously assigned to the incorrectly created vendor in order to have Duoplane assign them to the correct vendor.
  6. Once all of the products have been re-imported, Duoplane will now allow you to delete the incorrectly created vendor. Search for the vendor record of Brand A in Duoplane and click the Delete vendor button at the bottom of the page.


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