Add a Vendor Note on a Purchase Order

What are notes for?

Item notes are for any item level communication that needs to occur between you and your vendor. They are most commonly used for:

  • Provide clarification or additional information on an item
  • Reply to a note that your vendor sent you

How to add a note

  1. Navigate to the order record (or purchase order record) containing the item that you want to annotate.
  2. Click on the "Add message to [Vendor name]" button below the item name.
  3. Write and save the note.
  4. Duoplane will send an alert to the vendor that a new note has been added.


How do vendors see notes? And how do I see their replies?

Notes are viewable in a number of different ways:

  1. In the purchase order record online. If the vendor views the purchase order in their Duoplane account or downloads a PDF of the purchase order, the note will appear on their purchase order.
  2. In the purchase order PDF. Order item notes will appear below the item in the purchase order PDF. Note that the the PDF version of the purchase order only displays notes from the retailer. Any vendor notes or replies will not appear on the PDF.
  3. By email alert. Duoplane sends the note in an email alert to the recipient company. For vendor, Duoplane sends the note to the vendor's purchase order contact(s). For retailers, the note is sent to the contact(s) specifically designated to receive purchase order notes. The email contains the the name of the item, the message itself, and a link to the purchase order.
  4. In the Duoplane message center. A list of unarchived notes is available here: To remove the note from this list, you can archive it.

Does the note get synced back to my ecommerce channel?

No. The notes contents are only in Duoplane.

Can I edit or delete the note?

Yes, but it is important to confirm changes with the vendor separately. Edits and deletions do not trigger a vendor alert.

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