Export Product Information

If you ever need to edit a large number of products, first export the products out of Duoplane. You can then edit the spreadsheet and import the uploaded information into Duoplane.

To export your products:

  1. Search for the products that you want to export.
  2. In the search results screen, click the "Export" button to reveal your options. There are a couple of options when exporting your data:
    • Available formats:
      • CSV
      • Excel (.xlsx)
      • Google Spreadsheet
    • Product details options: (For a description of the fields, please refer to the Product import file format support article.)
      •  Inventory summary. This includes the most commonly edited fields:
        • id
        • name
        • product_type
        • retailer_sku
        • vendor_sku
        • price
        • cost
        • vendor_name
        • purchase_name
        • manage_inventory
        • quantity_available
        • in_stock
        • leadtime_days
        • backordered_until
        • vendor_leadtime_days
        • active
      • All attributes. This includes all of Duoplane's standard product attributes as well as any custom attributes that you have created.

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