Connect a Magento 1 Store to Duoplane

Duoplane connects to Magento via Magento's core API. To connect Magento to Duoplane, you will first create an API user for Magento and then provide Duoplane with that API user's credentials.


IMPORTANT: As a first step before adding any new store connection, we recommend checking the setting enabling unique product SKUs.

By going to Main Menu > Settings >Products & Inventory, change the "Product SKUs are unique" setting to "Yes" to link products from the new store to existing products of the same SKU currently in Duoplane.

If this is set to "No", Duoplane will treat every product from the new store as a new product and not link it to existing products, which may cause unintended duplicates.


Create a Magento API user with admin access

The first step is to create a Magento SOAP/XML-RPC user with admin access.


Create an API role

Create a SOAP/XML-RPC Role with access = All

  1. In the System menu, select Web Service > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles.
  2. If an "All access" role does not already exist, create one by selecting Add New Role.
  3. Give the role a name. (For example, "Admin")
  4. In the Role Resources tab, select All in the Resource Access dropdown.
  5. Save the role.



Create an API user

Finally, create a SOAP/XML-RPC User with that role:

  1. In the System menu, select Web Service > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users.
  2. Click Add New User.
  3. Fill in the required information and remember the user name and API key that you enter. Those will also need to be put into Duoplane.
  4. Give this API user the "All access" role that you just created earlier.
  5. Save the new user.


 Add the Magento store to Duoplane

  1.  Login to your Duoplane account
  2. In Settings > Ecommerce Stores, select New Store.
  3. Select Magento from the dropdown.
  4. Give your store a nickname in the Store Name field. This is for internal use only and is mostly relevant if you manage multiple ecommerce channels in Duoplane.
  5. Type or paste the URL for your Magento admin in the Admin URL field. For standard Magento setups, it will generally look like this:
  6. In the API access section, complete the fields as follows:
    • API URL: Your Magento API URL. For a standard setup, the URL will look like this:
    • API login: This is the API User Name for the Magento API user that we just created
    • API password: This is the API Key that was used earlier in the creation of the Magento API user


 Map Magento product attributes to Duoplane's


  1. In the Product attribute mappings section, map your Magento attributes to the corresponding Duoplane fields.
    1. Click the Re-import Magento attributes button to have Duoplane read in the available attributes from your Magento catalog.
    2. Wait a few minutes and refresh the page. Each of the listed attributes should have a dropdown next to it listing all of your Magento attributes.
    3. Map as many attributes as you can, but the the most important fields for order processing are:
      1. Vendor name code
      2. Name
      3. Vendor SKU
      4. Price
      5. Cost
      6. Leadtime days
      7. Backorder date
  2. Once the mappings are complete, enable syncing by turning the following fields to "On":
    1. Import orders? (Order management section)
    2. Import products? (Products and inventory section)

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