Add Images from Shopify to a Packing Slip

In this article you will learn how to add images from your Shopify products onto the packing slip in Duoplane. This can be extremely helpful if the vendor or 3PL needs to reference the photo in order to correctly fulfill the product.

Important: This is an advanced feature in Duoplane. Please make sure you fully understand how this feature works and test on a small scale before proceeding.

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What will images on the packing slip look like?

By following the instructions on this page you can add the image in the item table on the left hand side of the packing slip, which will look like this:

Snip20200323_222.pngAdd images from Shopify to the packing slip

Important: You will first need to contact Duoplane and request that this feature is enabled accessible on your Retailer account.

  1. After this feature has been enabled, log into your Duoplane Retailer account and navigate to Settings > Templates > Packing slip PDF
  2. In the Body section, add a blank header at the beginning of the Item list: <th></th>
  3. Add a column in the item list to hold the image. In this example we have it setup as a link for the vendor to click, but it doesn't have to be. You can play with the size by adjusting the "height" setting.<td><a href="{{ order_item.image_url }}"><img src="{{ order_item.image_url }}" style="height:2cm; width:auto" /></a></td>
  4. Press the Save changes button


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