Delete a Product/SKU in Duoplane

There may be times where you want to remove products from your Duoplane account for any number of reasons. This is possible however there are certain qualifications a SKU has to fall under in order for it to be removed from Duoplane. These qualifications are in place to safeguard important data from being deleted or things becoming out of sync with your store.

Note: We recommend making a product *inactive* by removing it from your store and letting Duoplane update, rather than deleting products, so information and records are maintained in Duoplane for future use if needed, and still in sync with your store.


Requirements for a product to be deleted

To delete a product in Duoplane it will need to meet both for the following criteria:

  1. The SKU cannot be active in any of the stores linked to Duoplane.
    If a product is still active in your store, removing it from Duoplane would cause the information to be out of sync. We recommend removing the product from your store first, then we will subsequently make the product inactive in Duoplane.

    (The above product can be deleted, is not present in any stores)

    (The above product cannot be deleted, it is present in a store)

  2. The SKU cannot be associated with any orders in Duoplane
    Deleting the record of a product in Duoplane means it will also be deleted on orders, which can potentially cause erroneous information on those order records. For this reason we do not allow products with any connection to orders be deleted.

    (The above SKU cannot be deleted, at the bottom of the detail page it shows that it is present in an order)


Deleting a single product

If a SKU meets both of the criteria above, it can be deleted by going to the very bottom of the SKU's detail page and clicking the red button labeled "Delete product". Please note this action cannot be undone.







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