Connect an Amazon Store to Duoplane

Automating dropshipping for your Amazon store is incredibly easy with Duoplane's seamless Amazon integration. Adding an Amazon store to your Duoplane account can be done in just a few short steps.


IMPORTANT: As a first step before adding any new store connection, we recommend checking the setting enabling unique product SKUs.

By going to Main Menu > Settings > Products & Inventory, change the "Product SKUs are unique" setting to "Yes" to link products from the new store to existing products of the same SKU currently in Duoplane.

If this is set to "No", Duoplane will treat every product from the new store as a new product and not link it to existing products, which may cause unintended duplicates.


Add the Amazon store to your Duoplane account

  1. In your Duoplane retailer account, go to Main Menu > Settings > Ecommerce Stores
  2. Click the New Store button
  3. Select Amazon as the shopping cart platform
  4. Give your store a nickname in the Store name field.

    Note: If you are a multi-channel retailer who manages multiple stores in Duoplane, this will help you distinguish between them. This nickname is only displayed in Duoplane and not shared with vendors or customers

  5. Select the Amazon Marketplace region in the dropdown (e.g. US, Mexico, Canada)
  6. Click Save changes in the upper right corner and allow the page to refresh


Authorize the Duoplane connection in your Amazon store

  1. On another browser tab, log into your Amazon Seller Central account
  2. In Duoplane, while still on the Amazon store settings page, click the blue Authorize button
  3. On the Amazon authorization page, click the consent checkbox near the bottom
  4. Press the blue Confirm button

Confirm the connection

  1. In Duoplane, while on the Amazon store settings page, find the settings section labeled API access and check that it says "Connection status: Connected"


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