How can I make changes to an invoice which has already been exported to my accounting software? Answered

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If you are dealing with a PO that has an error associated with it (either on the PO itself, the invoice, or the shipment), you may find yourself wanting to work backwards to correct the error; maybe by deleting the invoice and the shipment associated with it and starting over.

In normal cases you would not be able to make any changes once an invoice has been exported to the external accounting system (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks), however there is an advanced permission setting that will grant specific users to make changes to invoices that have already been exported.

An admin can enable this permission level for any staff user by going to Main Menu > Settings > Staff Members and editing the staff user, then checking the box for this advanced permission.

Ideally the user granted this permission would be someone in your organization who also has access to the accounting software to keep changes consistent there with what is adjusted in Duoplane.




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