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Technical phone support

Duoplane offers phone support for technical issues, walkthroughs, or troubleshooting. Phone support is available to users holding a vendor or retailer account at any plan level and is by scheduled appointment only.

Calls are usually conducted as a video call (e.g. Google Meet) to allow screen sharing as a means to walk through particularly technical setup and troubleshooting, so it is advised to use a computer rather than a phone. 

Most frequently asked questions or setup instructions are available in our support center, we advise you review those resources before reaching out to us as they may have answers to your questions already. Reach out to us by email if you you need support, and we can schedule a call if necessary.


Why appointment only

Our support team looks deeply into each issue set in front of us, and find this cannot effectively be done over the phone in real-time. Submitting a brief description of the issue or question along with examples gives us the time and focus we need to research and investigate as a team and present a solution to you when available. This allows us to solve problems quickly and take less of your time as well. 

Most issues can be solved more quickly and effectively via email, however we may schedule calls for complicated support topics, troubleshooting, or advanced training.


Urgent support

Email at support@duoplane.com is the fastest way to be in touch with a Duoplane staff member. Whether the issue requires dev support or is complicated or not, it will likely require some troubleshooting and investigation on Duoplane's part, therefore it is always helpful to provide as much pertinent information as possible.

If a matter is affecting your business in real-time please indicate that it is urgent in the subject line. Duoplane has support staff reviewing the emails frequently from 6am-5pm PST, and daily over weekends and holidays.



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